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Secret Boutique & Resort Hotel is situated approximately 130 km drive east of Sofia, Bulgaria, in the region of Ribaritsa (Lovech district), at the foothills of Mountain Vezhen.

The village is located just 20 minutes South-east of the town of Teteven and is connected to it through a regular bus line.

The nearest airport is the Sofia-Vrazhdebna Airport (SOF) and you can travel by car from Sofia to Chiflik in approximately 1.50 hours (130 km).

The hotel can organize transportation from Sofia airport or other pick-up point of your choice, upon request.

Around Ribaritsa

The village of Ribaritsa is a unique place for the nature lovers.

Located at the foot of the Stara planina mountain and along the rivers of Ribaritsa and Beli vit your will unveil a secret heaven less than 2 hours drive from Sofia. The beautiful surroundings, the picturesque landscape, the cold and fresh breeze, the rivers and the meadows are ready to welcome you, offering endless relaxation, peace of mind and soul.

The geology of the landmark National Park “Central Balkan” is of rare beauty and will enchant both the mountain lovers and those who visit Chiflik only for thermal dives.

Some the landmarks near the hotel are:
the Nature Reserve – “Tsaritchina”; the preserves “Boatin” and “Kozia stena” (“Goat wall”); protected area “Cherniat rid” (“The Black hill”)

Visit Ribaritsa with your other half, your friends or your entire family and live the experience of a traditional village with pure nature and a “Secret” retreat center.

Things to Do


Amazing & scenic trails in the mountains. Don’t forget your camera!

Rope Park “Katerichka”

This attraction is perfect for the entire family. Different elements (beams, rope ladders, ropes, mountain trolleys etc.) are installed among the trees of an ancient forest. Hiking along the park will excite your adrenaline coupled with the memorable landscape. In cooperation with “Balkan Ecotours Extreme” Ltd.

Bicycle Rental

Available either as an entertaining activity during your holiday or as a specially prepared mountain bicycle route. Just contact our reception to organize it.


Eco Trails

Sport orientation or walks in the forests will allow you to enjoy the most beautiful part of the Central Balkan.

Horse Riding in Balkanets Village

A qualified instructor offers individual and group training in manage or horse riding in the woods with elite horses. A significant experience for you and your kids.